Trinity Lutheran College has an outstanding reputation in the community as a leading Christian school on the Gold Coast.

Trinity Lutheran College Early Learning Centre

Trinity Lutheran College has an outstanding reputation in the Gold Coast community. The College focuses on building effective partnerships with parents to provide a comprehensive education of the highest quality, in an environment where a clear foundation of Christian values and care for each person are strongly emphasised.

At Trinity Lutheran College Early Learning Centre (ELC) we provide a safe, secure and supportive learning environment where your child can explore, discover, question and problem solve. It is a place where children can belong and enjoy `being’ 2, 3, 4 or 5 years old. Our educational program stimulates young minds to think independently and promote their own learning. It fosters creativity, challenges thought processes and supports co-operative learning. We accept each child as a capable, unique individual, building on their interests and abilities.

The educators at Trinity Lutheran College Early Learning Centre formulate a program from their knowledge and observations of the children in their care. The Early Years Learning Framework (EYLF) and Queensland Kindergarten Learning Guideline (QLKG) form the basis of planning the curriculum.

The guideline provides specific advice to support educators to:

  • make deliberate and well-informed decisions to promote and enrich children’s holistic learning and development
  • build respectful relationships with partners, including children, parents, carers, communities and colleagues
  • promote children’s wellbeing, sense of belonging and ongoing learning progress
  • interact with children, with a clear learning focus, in order to support learning
  • effectively monitor and assess children’s learning, and communicate appropriately with relevant partners about children’s progress
  • build connections between children’s prior, current and future learning experiences to promote continuity of learning.



Contact Details

251 Cotlew Street,
Ashmore, QLD, 4214
(07) 5556 8336
(07) 5556 8309
Trinity Lutheran College Early Learning Centre
Opening Hours
Monday to Friday – 7:00am to 6:00pm

Quality of Service

Services covered by the National Quality Framework have been assessed and rated against the seven Quality Areas of the National Quality Standard and the Education and Care Services National Regulations. The assessment and rating process aims to drive continuous quality improvement for services and provide families with better information for making choices about their children’s education and care. The overall rating for a service is determined by the combination of the ratings achieved in each Quality Area.

Each state and territory Regulatory Authority undertakes the assessment and rating process. The Australian Children’s Education and Care Quality Authority, ACECQA, is responsible for ensuring consistency in assessment and ratings across Australia, assessing services for the Excellent rating and creating awareness in the sector and community about the assessment and rating process.


Trinity Lutheran College Early Learning Centre National Quality Rating

Quality Area Rating
1   Educational program and practice Exceeding National Quality Standard
2   Children’s health and safety Meeting National Quality Standard
3   Physical environment Meeting National Quality Standard
4   Staffing arrangements Exceeding National Quality Standard
5   Relationships with children Exceeding National Quality Standard
6   Collaborative partnerships with families and communities Meeting National Quality Standard
7   Leadership and service management Exceeding National Quality Standard

Further Information
Overall Rating :
  Exceeding National Quality Standard